Escape Tactics – Bringing perspective to Tactical campaigns

More often than not I find my team getting stuck in tactical marketing activities on social media. Everything is ad-hoc with the sole objective of either ‘sell’ or scream ‘discount’. While, it is important to let your audience know that you have an on-going promotion, it is also critical to not just be that promotion only brand.

So how do we balance promotions with consumer engagement while dealing with the ‘budget’ element?

1. Define your purpose

Before the “Our engagement is dipping. Let’s do a photo contest”, it is important to understand what our purpose of running a contest is, what it should achieve and have goals in place. Taking a step back to define the reason, goals and what’s in it for your audience and brands brings more depth to your tactical campaigns. It also will help design contests that appeal more strongly to your target audience with real engagement than attract contest junkies.

2. Don’t firefight

A series of tactical campaigns without goals or objectives will give short term results but does not guarantee long term relationship that will lead to advocacy and consistent sales. Let the purpose define the tactics. Do not use tactics to define your purpose.

3. Flip the conversation

Billboards, radio, TV, pamphlets – that’s where you scream out your promotions, offers, sales and discounts. Use social media ads to do the same. But, don’t let your page content talk about offers all the time. Keep the offer posts on the minimum. Make them interesting. Remember, offer content is not compelling enough to be shareable content.

4. Monitor

Tactics are at times necessary when you are trying something new. Monitor community and audience behavior to make the most out of your tactics to leverage the brand for the long run.

Powerful ideas do not always need big budgets. They however need clarity of thought and vision. Big budgets would definitely enable scaling the idea to make it larger than life. Have any suggestions for making Tactical campaigns more fun? Let me know through your comments. 

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