The party is over. The night of dancing, flirting and general debauchery to escape the loneliness of one’s existence.

Fake compliments and live exchanged just for a night. Till strangers become strangers again.

This commonplace phenomenon in our times is not new. They call it by many names. One night stands. It’s complicated.

What about conversations?

I want conversations that touch one’s soul. That make you want to forget the mundaneness of life. Or the fact that the weekend lasts for just two days and secretly we all dread going back to work after that. We love our jobs maybe. But we loathe the emptiness of our being.

A never ending void that we look at filling.

The party was fun. It’s 3am now.

I am at the beach.


There is a sense of love and wishful thinking of how beautiful this moment would be when shared with someone you love.

And I realise this is new. I haven’t done this alone before.

I have my fears. Everyone has.

I let go of those today.

I am here by the sea, cherishing the sound of every wave.

In this humdrum of life, sometimes at 3am, one finds the courage to love and accept oneself unconditionally.

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