Letter to the ones coping


Are you doing okay?

It’s a rather funny question. But, has anyone asked you this today – How are you feeling?Do you need help? How can I be there for you today?

If no one has asked you these questions yet, let me ask them.

Sure, it must have been a rough day. Things didn’t go according to plan.

There was sadness, hurt and anger.

There was that need to run away and hide.

For a few moments you did think.

Should I quit this job?

Should I break-up?

Is there something better out there for me?

I can’t do this anymore!

We are all people with good hearts, trying to do our very best.

Sometimes it works out.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s ok.


Learn from the failure to build your successes.

It’s just a moment.

Let this moment not define you.

Let your perseverance and clarity define you.

Let love and acceptance define you.

It’s okay to feel not okay at times.

It’s okay to love and be hurt and yet love again.

It’s okay for life to throw you a curve-ball.

It’s okay to be a little crazy, a little spontaneous.

Situations around you do not define you.

This post is a reminder of that.

You are stronger. Braver.

You are powerful.

You are full of love.

Remind yourself today, it’s okay to not have all the answers.

It’s okay to just experience life.

Remember… you are everything you want to be.


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