It’s dark, the sky.

Darkest it can ever be.

The sun isn’t out yet.

Although there is faith that it will be out soon.

It will be out to drive away the darkness.

The storm is raging. The rains have picked it’s moment.

Does the sky rejoice or let go of its flood of tears to find healing?

It’s a storm raging.

The rains don’t stop.

The earth drowns in the tears of the sky.

And as the crying grows, the dark starts turning into a grey.

Not the gloomy grey. Not the comfortable one either.

The grey that’s reassuring at the same time a gentle nod to the tears shed by the night sky.

The sun doesn’t make an obvious loud presence today.

Almost reassuring that the darkness will soon turn to joyous sunlight.

But before that, brave the storm.

The sun shall be out.

For now, the storm rages on at dawn.

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