Chewing Gum

Chewing gums.

They are annoying.

No. Not when you chew them for that fresh breath or other marketing gimmick we fall for.

Chewing gums are annoying when they decide to hold on to your precious new heels because the emotions of being spat out and discarded is too much to bear.

It takes a moment to take that wrong step. And the next few minutes are spent in agony to try and remove it from one’s precious footwear.

Why are we talking about chewing gums?

Because life feels like a chewing gum now.

It’s stuck.

Not the gum.

We are talking about life now.

Or rather my life.

Or anyone else who is going through that phase now.

It’s familiar right?

It can be a job.

A relationship.

Or both.

There is no movement.

There is nothing exciting happening to keep you going.

You don’t know what’s next.


There’s nothing to look forward to.

That in-between where you question your purpose?

Are we living to our full potential?

What happened to our dreams? Of being a pop-star?

Someone famous?

Someone rich?

Conquer the world.

Discover something new.

Fall in love.


We killed them.

We bartered them.

For comfort.

For credit card debts.

In the name of security. Responsibility.

The right path.

The socially accepted path.

Why do people fear the unconventional?

Maybe it’s the unknown?


We live by it. It commands us.

And now, we are here.

Insignificant in this moment.

Waiting for someone to pull us out.

Just like the chewing gum.

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