The Rain

“I love the rains!”

“How can someone love rains? It’s always so wet and gloomy. Look at the sky! The roads are a mess. The traffic is bad.”

“Not everything has to be gloom and doom! The feel of raindrops on your hand. The sweet lingering smell of the soil after the first rains and the best part…”

“The only thing I’m glad about right now is the fact that we are indoors!”

She smiles.

“Do you want to have some tea?”


She goes in to make some tea.

He looks out into the rain. There are children playing football. People walking with their umbrellas. The whole skyline was misty. Was it him or were the trees looking greener? The city itself felt less polluted and more refreshed. Like it was cleansing itself off the human intervention that had become its everyday existence. The gloomy clouds though never appealed to him. They felt dark and lonely. Isolating even. The rains were slowing down now reduced to a drizzle from their thundering loudness. Almost apologizing for the earlier downpour.

She walked back in with tea for both of them.

“Admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“For a second there you fell in love with the rains.”

“No….” Suddenly, he wasn’t very sure of his answer.

He sipped into the tea and looked out again. He wasn’t quite sure what he saw. There was a small ray of light at first. It then broke into this beautiful spectrum of colours. A moment of magic and he had managed to witness it.

He looked at her. She had seen it too. She was smiling at him, childlike glee in her eyes. Like a lightening flash, he saw it. That smile. It wasn’t the rain. It wasn’t the warm tea. It was her smile.

“Did you see that rainbow? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes”, and it wasn’t the rainbow he was talking about.




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