#RamblingFoodie: Tom & Serg

Friday is food expedition day. After a failed attempt to check out the Notorious Brunch in Arabian Ranches, we decided to evaluate our option. The Brunch expedition was foiled by the heat which played spoil sport to engaging in anything outdoorsy.

Getting Barbequed at 2pm wasn’t really my ideal way of spending my weekend. We decided on checking out Tom & Serg near Al-Quoz, a place I have been wanting to check out for a while.

First impression: Love at first sight!

The place is casual, cool and has a very laidback feel about it. Or as I was told – this place is so hipster you. Before, we get to the food bit I did some online digging around the reasons behind the inspired menu selection at Tom & Serg. Meticulous planning and dedication to say the least.

So according to their website, in 2011, Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez crossed paths. Tom, a chef and foodie from Melbourne and Serg, a savvy F&B operations director from Madrid. Their aim – to make great, specialty coffee and nutritious, gourmet food accessible to all of us, Dubai’s ever-growing population. In a place that’s honest,  casual and, above all, easy to be in.

Plan your early start here as the place is open from 8am to 4pm. Their menu is refreshing and why wouldn’t it be? It took 2 years, 4 months and 17 days to build TOM & SERG and every dish reflects the love and dedication that has gone into it.

Let’s talk about the food now.

What we had?

Warm Banana Bread (AED 39/-), Moroccan chicken and wild rice salad (AED 64/-), Pan-seared Salmon (AED 76/-), Breaky Bao (AED 54/-), Tandoori Australian Sea Bass (AED 72/-), Tom & Serg Burger Double (AED 59/-)

Moroccan chicken and wild rice salad

Moroccan Chicken and wild rice salad

I usually am not a salad person but this bowl of deliciousness might have converted me. An interesting combination of roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, feta, rocket, preserved lemon and sundried tomato, the flavours pop in your mouth and I dare say, its one delicious salad.

Pan-seared Salmon

Pan seared Salmon

I think I am biased towards the sea-food dishes served here. They were really good and my pan-seared salmon was no exception. Combined with spicy marinated organic kale, feta and crisp yucca with some rojo mojo – I was blown away by the freshness of the ingredients served.

Breaky Bao

Breaky Bao

An interesting twist to the bao packed with fresh herbs, chicken cooked in buttermilk, pickled daikon, slaw and a sriracha hollandaise. This was the first time I ever tried a bao so I was happy with whatever was served and so was my friend.

Tandoori Australian Sea Bass

Tandoori Australian Sea Bass

This was voted the best dish ordered according to all of us. Fusion food done right the cranberry, saffron and pistachio pilaf, coconut raita, mango and mustard seed chutney, crunchy tomato and cucumber – the flavours just exploded. The fish was well cooked and again, the freshness of the chutney perfectly complimented the entire dish.

Tom & Serg Burger Double

Tom & Serg Burger

A soft corner for burgers is something that I have to live with and the Tom & Serg burger was good. I think the only disappointment was the bun. We didn’t find it as fresh as the other ingredients.

Warm Banana Bread and coffee

Warm banana bread

A perfect finale to the whole meal, our banter and a lunch time well spent with friends.

Get your friends together and make a trip to Tom & Serg’s next weekend. You are sure to have a great time.

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