The little things in life

Click click.





I have found myself having an amazing learning experience recently. Work has been fulfilling. I am in a happy space.

Not the annoying, egoistic happy. But, the more things may not be perfect but I am going to laugh anyway sort of happy.

In the midst of the everyday buzzing that I do, I realized I had forgotten something very important.

I had forgotten about breathing. About being in the moment.

It was a realization that dawned on me. Will I be hold on to it is a matter of practice.

Suddenly, neither the past nor the future mattered. All that mattered was NOW. HERE.

All I had to do was experience it to the fullest.

Leave my emotions aside. Leave the judgements and opinions of others aside. Just experiencing the moment for what it really is.

It’s the little details that brought immense joy.

A long conversation about something I am passionate about with someone I was speaking to for the first time.

Smiling for no reason.

Thanking God for no reason.

Watching the airplane fly right above me on a starlit sky, with the new moon smiling down upon me. With the racetrack below and the band playing on stage. It was a perfect moment. It didn’t matter that there were over 350 people there. This moment was mine. It’s my memory. I created it by allowing myself to experience it.


How many of them have I been missing out on? How many of them did I not allow myself to experience?

The answer is plenty.

I realize these little, lovely moments are for me to cherish. It’s what brings me unconditional joy. There are no expectations around these experiences. Just a lot of childlike innocence and enthusiasm.

While the big things happen, I am grateful for the little things in life.

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