Weekday Lunch @Avec

For all the photos clicked for the food section but not posted, let me start with my lunch at Avec yesterday. This happy, bright yellow place is hard to miss if you are around Media City.


I love the place for its ambiance, it’s airy, open, bright and sunshiny. The magazine stacks, books and community seating section makes me want to sit there all day writing away on my laptop. Geeky glasses and coffee included. Pretentious much?

Having said that, it is a great cafe to work out of if you are freelancing or if you are working on something. Sales folks – not a bad place to take breaks this one. Did I mention they have a shisha section as well?

After a morning of running errands, I decided to have a quick weekday lunch date with the husband. Quick lunch meant, we stuck to the main course.

We ordered a Roast beef with mashed potatoes and a Salmon Falafel and some ice tea to rescue me from the Dubai summer heat.

The Roast beef was well cooked, juicy and delicious with the broth adding the flavour to the mashed potatoes. The baked Salmon with the Falafel crust was delicious. Yes, the salmon had a coating of Falafel on top, which gave it a crunchy texture. Baked with sweet potatoes and pomegranates to top it, there was really nothing to not like about this dish.

What we liked?
The food, fresh ingredients, airy ambience, bright yellow space. Avec has a separate area for Shisha lovers. The quirky decor, WiFi, community table seating area and magazine section makes it popular amongst the creative crowd of media city and people who want to work out of their offices.

What did we order?
The Salmon falafel crust : AED 78/-
and Roast beef with mashed potatoes:  AED 75/-.

As weekday lunches go, we only stuck to main course although they have a great Salad bar where you can make your own salads for AED 54/- per bowl.


Where is Avec?
Al Thuraya, Tower 2,Right next to Media One Hotel, Media City. 

There is always Zomato to help you with the rest.

If you are a foodie and love to share your experiences, join the Facebook group The Tasty Life for more food updates.



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