The Seekers

“What you seek is seeking you.”

Her City 12:45am

I’m walking out of the club. By now my head is throbbing with what seems to be the aftermath of those nasty vodka shots. I’m not particularly sure if I can feel my feet with all the dancing. Why am I leaving the club again? My mind is so hazy. Think hard.

Friends? Where are they?

Who is that following me?

“Hey! Where are you going? Atleast give me your number…”

Right! That’s why I was leaving the club. To escape this annoying prick. Stupid shoes! Why does one have to wear high heels? Who am I kidding!

“Hey! Come back…”

Amber – this is when you remove the shoes and start running. My brain was giving me directions in a language that didn’t make sense.

Before I know it, I’m running barefoot.

Why can’t he just give up and let me be?

Why can’t anyone just let me be!?

I feel the wind in my hair. That was a good thing. It meant I was running.

I hate going out and meeting people. Why can’t I just find the one I’m supposed to grow old with? How easy would it have been if god sent him down with a neon sign over his head that only I could read.  Atleast it would save me time looking for love in the wrong places. Or wrong people.

Oh! My feet hurt. Maybe I should stop. Where am I? Near the sea.

I love the sea. It calms me down. Thank god he isn’t following me anymore.

She sat down on a bench and looked on to the emptiness of the city skyline

His City 12:50am

Why do women have to talk so much about themselves? Laila was wonderful. Beautiful, smart, considerate. She seemed perfect. But still like an idiot I decided to drop her home rather than ask her out again.

Going out on a blind date was a terrible idea. I shouldn’t have fallen for what that idiot Nikhil said.

Atleast if the food had been good, I wouldn’t be in such a foul mood. Will Laila realize I wasn’t interested in all that she was saying? What will she be telling Nikhil about me?

Oh! I just feel like such a loser suddenly!

What is wrong with me? She broke my heart a year back. I’m trying to get over it. I’m trying to move on but maybe I’ve lost it. Maybe I don’t have it within me to love anyone. Maybe I should just stop lying to myself and stop with this farce already.

Why can’t this be easy. Why do I have to put myself through this whole ordeal? I’m definitely not looking for a one-night stand. I’m not sure if I’m even looking for a relationship.

What am I looking for?

The remote!

Yes. Let’s watch some football and put this whole thing behind.

He slouched back into the couch and switched on the TV to watch some football.

Her City 1:15am

I love this silence! It is so much better than all the loud music inside the club. So, I’m not going dancing again. I would rather come sit here by the sea and feel the cold sea breeze. It feels so magical.

I’m tired of looking. What am I searching for anyway? A better job? A better life? I sometimes wonder if there is anything out there that will ever make me happy.

She walked slowly down the promenade.

Maybe the kind of love I’m looking for does not exist. Maybe, he does not exist. Maybe I’m stupid trying to find my version of a perfect man in every person I meet.

Maybe I should just stop looking.

His City 1:25am

The game is getting predictable.

He gets up and starts looking around the dimly lit room. He finds a cigarette pack. He picks it up and opens it. Only to be disappointed to realize it’s empty. He quickly grabs his wallet and keys and walks out slamming the door behind him.

He decides to go to the small shop near the promenade.

That’s the only place which will be open at this hour.

Her City 1:30am

She is lost in her thoughts and the cold bricks of the pavement tingle her feet. She sees a small light at a distance and walks towards it.

If I can get some water there that will be great.

His City 1:32am

“1 pack of cigarettes” he said.

He lit it up and sat there on the makeshift bench. The city skyline was visible at a distance beyond the sea.

Her City 1:32 am

“1 bottle of water” she said.

She opened the bottle and sat next to man who was smoking a cigarette on the bench. The city skyline was visible at a distance beyond the sea.

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