Periscope: Is it the next big thing in Broadcast?


Over the weekend I dabbled with Periscope – the app and not the Submarine device, and was absolutely hooked to it!

For the uninitiated, Periscope TV is real-time live streaming of videos with the added advantage of real time interaction. It was recently acquired by Twitter. A competitor with similar technology would be Meerkat. But, we are here to talk about Periscope and possible uses brands can put it for which makes Periscope the next big thing in Social Broadcast.

1. Event coverage

Something interesting happening backstage? Want to tease your audience? Get them to feel the same excitement and be part of the event? Periscope not only let’s a viewer be part of the experience with the video but can have conversations with the people featured in the video/taking the video.

2. Networking and Interaction

I managed to catch up with the Cannes 2015 action courtesy Periscope. Adweek was having exclusive interactions with who’s who of the Advertising world. Periscope interviews resulted in the interviewees actually taking questions on periscope. I managed to have a talk with David Sable – Global CEO of Y&R through Periscope. And I can brag about doing that without attending Cannes.

3. PR

Go beyond the venue and interact with fans all-over in real time before an event. Let them know what’s happening. This way, your event gets way higher reach and engagement.

4. Commentary

A live sporting match? You want people with common interests to interact in real-time? Make it happen on the video coverage itself.

5. Branding

Recruiters can use Periscope to build brand perception amongst potential employees. Take them through the facility, meet the team, get them to be part of experiencing the work culture.

Brands can also leverage periscope for any of their other marketing initiatives – events, videos ads, photo-shoots, PR events etc.

6. Publishing

Publishing companies can bring their print editions to life by featuring some of the interviews with celebrities, leaders through Periscope and build their brand on the digital platform. They can also use Periscope to engage the viewers with the team and promote the brand in itself.

Periscope is a very interesting opportunity in the real-time video content marketing and a perfect add-on to your existing social eco-system.


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